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How will I receive my tickets?

Europe - Tickets will be sent to the hotel where the customer is staying in the event city until 1 evening prior the event. In the case of accommodation outside the city or apartment, we will ask to change the method of delivery for local collection or E-Tickets if applicable.

It is important to make sure to forward accurate hotel details, where the guest name appears on the hotel reservation voucher, arrival date and contact telephone number.

US & Canada - Tickets are shipped to the customer's address through an international courier company, except where the provider offers E-Tickets / mobile transfer, local shipping or pickup at the office near the event's venue.


When will I receive the tickets?

Europe - Tickets for European events and performances will be provided one day prior the event. If tickets are not provided by 7pm the evening before the event, please contact us immediately for check-up.

US and Canada - Tickets are shipped directly to the customer by the ticket provider. Order status and shipping can be updated at any time on www.mytickettracker.com. In case the order is close to the date of the event or in cases of local delivery, the tickets will be sent to a local address (hotel) which the customer will provide during booking or after confirmation. In some cases, the option of E-Ticket / mobile transfer will be available as well.


Are e-tickets acceptable?

Europe - A small percentage of the tickets offered on the website for events in Europe are electronic tickets, you can check if the tickets are sent by e-mail or by courier on the purchase page.

US and Canada - About 60% of the tickets offered for North American events are electronic (E-Ticket / Mobile transfer). Such option can be identified by the mobile icon appears alongside the ticket price offered from the ticket list.


Is it safe booking via the website?

Website bookings are secured to a high security standard. Clearing is done on secure servers that meet the most stringent PCI Compliant security standards.


If the event I've purchased tickets got canceled. Am I eligible to receive a refund? 

Yes. In case the event is canceled your money will be refunded to you. If not credit card credit is received up to 30 days from the date of the official cancellation notice, please contact us. You will occasionally asked to return the tickets to the vendor before the credit is transferred.


If the event I've purchased tickets got postponed. Am I eligible to receive a refund? 

No. In case the event is postponed to a new date, no credit will be given for the tickets. In some cases, we may offer you to sell the tickets through the ticket service by reducing the financial loss.


Can I combine multiple orders together to save the order cost?

At this time, tickets cannot be booked for multiple events under a single order. It is likely that each set of tickets is offered by another provider and therefore shipped from a different location.


Got printed E-Tickets, is it acceptable?

In some cases, the vendor would prefer to send printed E-Tickets through a courier company in order to avoid duplications, there is no problem using them at the event.


The name on the tickets is different from my name, is it acceptable?

The name on the card belongs to its original / primary owner and is valid for entry into the event.


I received plastic seasonal card, what should I do?

In some cases, especially soccer games in England and Spain a plastic seasonal card will be provided to you in which it will be required from you to return at the end of the game.

A detailed explanation will be provided along with the tickets.